Sekawan Agent

Initiative that is founded by SEJADI to meet the HIGH DEMANDS from customers. The idea is to form a 'community leaders' whereby customers can obtain their goods from Sekawan agent after 24 hours from the time of order. At the same time, to help those who want to generate additional income.   

Klang Valley & Selangor

Our pilot project is to have agents for community in Klang Valley & Selangor area before we expand the SEJADI network throughout Malaysia. 

1 Condo 1 Agent

For starting, we open for those who stay in condo / apartment. 

Founder imageFounder image

Business from your fingertips!

Step 1: Share link and promote Sejadi products among your community.

Step 2: Chat with your customers and simply copy paste the payment link once they confirmed purchase.

Step 3: Arrange pick up schedule with customers.

Step 4: Earn 5% commission for each confirmed orders to be paid 2 times per month!


Book your webinar slot!

Attend our mini webinar to get to know about Sekawan Agent by Sejadi

Register your interest!

Register your interest and we will keep in touch with you  if you are eligible.

Submission & start earning!

If you are eligible, you are require to sign and submit documents to us and YOU ARE READY TO START!