About Us

Sejadi is a Malaysian start-up, focusing on specialty products. We are an online retailer for a few brands such as Bionutricia , HOGA (Holistic Gaharu), Hutan Ration, Berry Bright, Dodum, Organic India, Love Earth, Superfruits Valley by Fig Direct, Susu Kambing Susu Juna, Health Paradise, Dorsata Honey,Tigerus, MH Food, Eco Bee and many more. We are currently in the midst of adding more vendors and suppliers to give more variety and selection to Sejadi members.

Be well, Be good, Be green.
Sejadi = 'Semulajadi'
A stem comes out of fertile ground forming an 'S', the first initial of Sejadi. It is the representation of new beginnings, rooted in a solid foundation.

The line weight of the framing is intentionally asymmetrical to give dimension to the overall image. Notice the leaves are not contained within the frame, to represent growth beyond perceived limitations.



The products we carry are natural. If there's a bunch of complicated ingredients that we can't pronounce, we'd think twice - and you might want to too.


We've been given one home to liveon. Earth. We are conscious about how we can reduce our carbon footprint, so sustainably sourced and eco-friendly are the way forward. Let's take care of Mother Earth.

Community Centric

We're here to serve. What you want matters and we're here to listen. We're here to build a happy community that is like family, so trust Sejadi to treat you the way we'd treat you the way we'd treat our loved ones.


We're not afraid to be different. We've put a lot of heart into what we do, and we value the diversity in who we are. We encourage our team and our community to feel free to be completely themselves and to live their best lives.



Be Well

We believe in living well. This means a healthy, balanced lifestyle that is sustainable enough for lasting change.

Be Good

We give back to the community wherever we can. Got a charity or great cause that we could support? Let us know!

Be Green

We are impeccable housekeepers. We ensure we don't use more than we need and help the environment as best as we can so that future generations can continue to be well, be good and be green.